The Concept

DUBAICATERERS.COM - the name says the full concept behind this domain name. It is a perfect and memorable keyword domain name that can generate fast, easy and secure revenue generation and bring your credibility and identity as an entrepreneur in the Dubai through the most modern virtual business supporting a physical business firm. Develop this to a perfect portal and this will certainly help you to earn millions!!!

The hidden concept with huge scope in this keyword rich domain name can help you to generate billions an year. As this domain name is keyword rich, it is searched from different parts of the world. The name says it represent the caterers of Dubai. Develop it to a perfect online platform to bring together all the catering services of Dubai. This will help the catering services to get orders online. It is a boon to the companies. Facilities for testing food will also provided to customers at specified location. The speciality of this domain name will help us to market and promote the concept easily through viral marketing.

Through this online portal, register all catering services, categorize them with the special food each offer. Provide an option for customers to select the caterer and make orders. An account has to be opened by each customer. Thus registration fee and commission fee can also be an income. Special offers and prizes can be provided as a part of marketing. Delivery on time is a must. You can have advertisement on this portal to broaden your business. Another possibility is that notify job vacancies on each catering service company so that the employees can easily find out a job. All these lead to income generation.

Or it can be developed for an existing firm to propel your business to greater heights and success. You can make it a site for one single client with a brand business name of Dubai Caterers. Make it your home website if you own a restaurant or catering business. It is a popular name and is very easy to find you out with a recognizable name.

Domain resale value increases day by day. You can sell it just like real estate, or lease it.

CNO Pack (.com, .net and .org) introduces the CNO PACK concept for the first time in the domain after sale industry. The CNO pack concept is first delivered in United Arab Emirates (UAE).The CNO pack contains dot com, dot net and dot org of a domain keyword/ web address. For example, CNO pack of Dubai Caterers will contain, and

The benefit of owning CNO pack is that it will help you to lessen the probability of the business competition in the market that may arise with the introduction of a new entrant into the same market and avoid trade mark issues. Easy access to the developed website/portal can be made possible on typing these perfect keywords with just one click – Ctrl+Enter for .com, Shift+Enter for .net and Ctrl+Shift+Enter for .org extension of the domain name.


Unlike any physical business firm, a virtual business firm (VBF) can exist as long as the internet facility is available in this world. Few computers, Internet accessibility and few experts are the only essentials for running a VBF from anywhere. High income with least effort and investment can be generated in the least time possible with Virtual Business Firms.

If at all a state arises when you are unable to operate VBF in a particular country, you can easily move to another place and make your VBF function perfectly without any hindrance. This is not the case if a physical business firm is restricted to run in a country where everything has to be done from the very beginning, like basic infrastructure, registration and so on. VBF is very flexible in these terms. Few mouse clicks can make everything done.

VBF will have to face only 20% issues that of a physical business firm. Take an example: Online store and a physical supermarket. A physical supermarket can have numerous troubles to face, related to the store space, maintenance, employees, varying government laws, environmental changes, stock, etc. But, once a Virtual Business Firm is developed, there can be least number of issues only.

For any existing business firm, the business can be propelled to huge success on establishing a virtual business firm along with it. The greater flexibility, possibilities of virtual business and the requirements like less capital, time and effort will increase the value, marketability, reach and profitability of an existing business. Now, the future lies in the leverage of virtual business.

Domain Highlights

• Generally guessed and searched keyword – 100% conceptual Geo-targeted domain name with global popularity.

• High traffic conversion as it is a keyword rich domain name which means, direct navigation to right destination. This helps to generate high income. It is enquired from different parts of the world.

Google tagged keyword: Google can display only about ten highly searched keywords at a time relating a particular concept. Auto-tagging is possible only if the keyword is highly searched and memorable. (View Here)

• 12,000,000 search results in Google (0.15 seconds). If properly search engine optimized, it can be brought first in Google results. (View Here)

• Increase in web search interest since 2008. (View Here)

• 5,400 global monthly searches. (View Here)

• Easy to advertise through printelectronic method. (View Here) With less advertisement, we can have minimum investment in the beginning. For this, printelectronic method will act as a signal-board that can direct people to our portal.

• Easy to get ads from Google, Chithika, Admaaya etc – You may use CPC and PPC modes.

(All the Google statistics given are as per data available on 13th April 2011. Location: India, Kerala, Ernakulam)

Domain Quality

• Self-explanatory conceptual domain name

• Top level domain with gold standard (CNO pack) available

• High marketability and large profitable market

• High domain quality as per Domometer database (View Here)

• Perfect domain characteristics

• Easily typed and pronounced

• High readability and hard to misspell

• HNS free domain (HNS means hyphens, numbers and symbols)

• Free from prefix and suffix

• 100% English

• Heterograph-free and heteronym-free domain name

• Domain with BTC standards (BTC: Below Twenty Characters)

• 2 words and 13 characters

• SEO friendly

• Highly memorable keyword

• Easily recognizable domain

Our Speciality

CyberUnicorn is first to sell domain names as CNO packs in Virtual Business Industry. We sell highly conceptual quality domains that have a business idea hidden in it which can be developed to Virtual Business Firms (VBFs). Not only public auction, but online bidding facilities also are available to purchase domain name.

One of our VBF is IPLNEWS.COM – An Exclusive IPL News Portal for delivering Indian Premier League related news to society – under RAVRA – The New Generation Media. As a Director of RAVRA, I, Esahaque Eswaramangalam, CHAIRMAN – and can proudly say that we are able to generate high income on developing IPLNEWS.COM as a perfect dynamic portal using such a keyword rich domain name with high traffic. Since the punch of cricket is getting high each and every day, we are sure IPLNEWS.COM will get high attention in the coming IPL Seasons too. It has helped us to employ 100s of young people directly and indirectly. Similarly, we own 100s of VBFs.